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Town Crest. Do Well, Doubt Not

The town crest and motto makes for a fitting postcard.

Town Crest. Do Well, Doubt Not


Town Crest. Do Well, Doubt Not


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Post Card Archive

  • 776

    postcards so far.

    Can you help?

    Welcome to the Post Card Archive. This is aiming to be the largest collection of post cards of Tunbridge Wells and we need your help to achieve it. All postcards remain the copyright of the respective owners, printers and photographers. They are shown here for educational purposes only. If you have any postcards that you wouldn't mind lending us to scan and add to the archive then please send me an email.


  • This is a list of the generous individuals who have donated their collections to the archive. Clicking the name of each collection will take you to their contributions thus far, with more to come of course.

    The Barber Collection

    This wonderful collection is the main reason that this archive was started. A huge thank you goes to John Barber who kindly lent his collection to us here to share with the world. More of the Barber Collection will be shared over at the Friends of the Commons website, of which John is the Chairman. To thank John for sharing this great resource with us please consider stopping by the Friends website and becoming a Friend.

    The Lewis Collection

    A very kind donation by Carl Lewis with some very unusual and rare scenes of Tunbridge Wells.

    The Poul Collection

    A great large donation by Poul Webb, a local artist with some great rare scenes of Tunbridge Wells as well as some of the more modern cards.

    The Sue Collection

    A superb collection from Sue Daniels with some really intriguing cards, a very fine collection.

    The Scales Collection

    A really fine large collection of postcards from long-time resident, and font of all local knowledge, Fred Scales.

    The Edwards Collection

    Not all collections have to be large, Martin Edwards was kind enough to send me one postcard that he noticed was missing from the archives. Every card counts!

    The Bacon Collection

    A collection of King Charles the Martyr postcards from Michael Bacon, organist at the Church.

    The Hale Collection

    A small, but vital, collection from local history writer Rachael Hale.

    The KDC Collection

    Another small and very helpful donation from Ray and Yvonne at the Kitchen Door Centre in St. John's.