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Mrs Anke's Ladybits

Mrs Anke

Today the Anke Network welcomes a new member to the family, you might know her from the odd post here or hiding in the background of a few photographs or maybe even from Twitter, but from today she has her own entire section.

I'm very proud to announce the creation of Mrs Anke's Ladybits, which is the wife's new blog. Pop along and give her a warm welcome. Make sure you come back here though as we don't want her winning the family blogging war after just one post do we? Enjoy!

Camden Parade

Camden Road Lantern Parade

With me unfortunately missing the wonderful Camden Road Parade, I've invited a good friend Anne Goldstein to write a guest post. Please welcome her.

On Saturday, there was the biggest show on earth – well, in Tunbridge Wells – as hundreds gathered for a lantern procession to celebrate the diversity and culture of Camden Road. The road is the setting for the forthcoming community play, which is being developed with residents by the Claque theatre company.

Designers Nina and Bonnie had been working for weeks with many groups and individuals to construct some awe-inspiring lanterns. The Filipino community turned up in numbers and created a glorious angel, boats and stars. The Jewish community made flame-shaped lanterns to represent the festival of Chanukah. The dynamic Kim and the Women’s International Network created an enormous globe shaped lantern.

There were heart lanterns galore, covered in pink, made by the wonderful Polly Taylor and the members and volunteers of the Pickering Cancer Drop-In Centre. Beulah Road residents’ association created a cake that looked good enough to eat. There were also children’s lanterns, made by the children of St James’ and St Barnabas schools, a wonderful giraffe made by the cheerful TWGGS girls, a dove from the Church of Christ, a dragon-fly, a clock set at the time the parade would begin, national flag lanterns, horses, a Winnie the Pooh head, a glorious fish and of course, the symbol of the parade, the massive elephant.

Camden Road Lantern Parade

Everyone gathered in the busy Calverley Road precinct, carefully lighting their lanterns. At four o’clock the parade moved off, snaking its way down Camden Road. The Sea Cadets TS Brilliant played at the front, with the mayor and mayoress walking with a dancing white bear, who turned out to be the director of Claque theatre company, Jon Oram. At the rear of the parade were the pulsating drums and swaying movements of the Bloco Fogo samba group, resplendent in red and yellow.

There was a remarkable reception from Camden Road shoppers and retailers as the parade moved down the road towards St Barnabas school. Everyone was smiling and waving. Donald, at DW Audio, put on a display of laser lights. The procession ended at St Barnabas school, where there was a party with West African drumming band, Tricky Beats. Cath Hylton from Claque theatre company led the refreshment team and looked delighted at the way everything had come together.

As people moved off home, everyone was thinking the same thing - why can’t something as uplifting, creative and unifying as this happen every year in Tunbridge Wells?
Anne Goldstein

The Sport of Wives

Bishops Greengrocer

This week my wife makes a guest appearance on the blog: Because my husband has been busy with the launch of his Tunbridge Wells Merchandise, he has neglected his blogging duties, and rather cheekily asked me to fill in for him. To keep things topical, and because it is something that I do rather well, here are my Top Five Tunbridge Wells Shops (in no particular order):

The Indian Spice Store: This place is not likely to ever feature on Tesco’s Price Check, because it beats ALL the “big five” hands down. Next time you need a bag of rice, check it out; you’d be an absolute fool to go anywhere else. Even if you don't need a bag of rice, just go and have a root around – you will not walk out empty handed, I promise.

That Polish Shop: I never knew you could pickle a mushroom, and my life is augmented for having that knowledge.

A Fuller Butchers: I love to do a circular walk of Calverley Park, Butcher’s, Dunorlan, home. I never go in knowing what I’m going to buy, but if there’s an oxtail going begging, I’ll have a bit of that thank you.

Smith's for Fruit: Particularly when they’re having a singalong to Chas & Dave. Why on earth would you buy those stupid little plastic boxes of parsley from a supermarket when you can buy a tree of it in here for next to nothing?

Little London: I went into this shop a while back and threw myself at their mercy. I said “look, I want a pair of jeans and I have this huge arse to contend with (probably due to visiting the first four shops too frequently) – I just look awful in everything”. They couldn't have been more helpful. They stood me in the changing room and brought in pair after pair, and made me try them on in front of them, told me what looked good, and, more importantly, told me what looked terrible. Although I have a Primark budget, if I was able to push the boat out, this would be my first port of call.


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