Snow in Tunbridge Wells

Roads closed, transport cancelled, schools shut, shops unopened, offices empty. Good news at last then! So what better time then to get out and about in the lovely snow. Even at the early hours it seems a lot of people had beaten me to it, there were footprints of all species all over the Common and Pantiles. Click each picture for a larger version.

There are a few more snowy images and stories by clicking here.

Tunbridge Wells in the Snow

Lots of footprints but not many people on The Pantiles.

Tunbridge Wells in the Snow

Tyre tracks of brave drivers in the narrow lanes of Mount Sion.

Tunbridge Wells in the Snow

Sledgers galore in Calverley Park.

Tunbridge Wells in the Snow

The Common is beautiful in stark mono.

Tunbridge Wells in the Snow

One wonders how this driver managed to get up/down Frog Lane, Mount Sion.

Tunbridge Wells in the Snow

No climbers on Wellington Rocks today.

Tunbridge Wells in the Snow

The riding lanes of the Common.

Click each picture for a larger version. There are a few more snowy images and stories by clicking here.

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The sledgers picture is delightful.

Thanks, Anne :)

Hi. I am living in Western Australia but still own a house in Tunbridge Wells. Your blog is so interesting and the photos of the snow fantastic. Very nostalgic. Thank you. Regards Jenny Cogan

Thanks, Jenny :)

Fantastic pictures and great site too. What camera do you use to take these pictures?

Thanks very much, Steve. I use a Canon 1D Mark III.

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